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Build high quality backlinks using “My response is on my own website”

Response website method is new on the SEO industry. Backlinks are one of the key factors to rank your website on the search result. Do follow or no follow both have value for increasing a site level. Today’s I’m going to show you a new impressive backlink method found on an SEO forum – the My response is on my own website (my response on my website / blog). In my opinion, response website method is very promising and useful to create quality backlinks for the website. It ‘s going to be a new level of commenting, link building. Especially it will be interesting to those involved in the promotion of foreign sites, as well as getting links from do follow blogs.

What is Response website method

How to install this script to your site and using any plug-ins; I will not discuss in this article. There will be instructions how to get back links to your site about aid “My response is on my own website .”

Many sites (the list will be the end of the article), in the comments section, the authors have the opportunity to leave a comment instead of a link to an article on your blog or site. Where more detail, from your point of view by answering the question. Those. You thus give the opportunity to other blog readers to get more information on a topic they are interested in. Google will see that you refer to reliable resources and it would be better to rank your site. This response website method of course, if the link will go to resource-poor quality. Therefore, the choice of places that provide a way to comment on “My response is on my own website” should be approached with caution and manually check each resource. How to Response website method works? read on.

How to choose sites

My response is on my own website – it is a way to create backlinks to your site. As I mentioned earlier, it is necessary to quickly create links to some sites that officially allow others to link to your site.

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Before you start to produce backlinks, you need to install MozBar panel. In use, the panel considers the following factors:

  • Check whether the site has good DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) via MozBar tool. Get Moz Toolbar you can enlarge by clicking on the links;
  • Check Alexa Rank does not hurt;
  • If this site .edu or .gov, then it is certainly more useful;
  • Look at that page has not been a lot of references of this kind, otherwise, it is a clear sign of life and spammed you no right of it will not.
  • If you find a website with these factors, then your site will get quality links that help to advance in the Google search rankings.
  • For the Chrome the Google: MozBar
  • For of FireFox Mozilla: MozBar (at time of writing was unavailable “This add-on has been removed by its author.”)

With this toolbar, you can determine the domain authority website or blog. Because Google no longer PR update pages and even nullify them, and CY on gourmet websites rare thing at all. Then this tool is the best help you in the selection of donors, to obtain backlinks.

After installation, enter searching the Google “up my response is on the website of up my own” and get a list of sites where there is an opportunity to leave a link.

Response website method input links

In this picture, you can see qmss – Programming Resources and that it .edu site. Verify its performance.

  • DA – 94 ; PA- 28 ;
  • Alexa Rank – Less than 2,000 worldwide
  • Spam Score (spam score) – 4/17

Spam score means that the site has been visited by a sufficient number of spammers and therefore, it is better to create fewer backlinks from this site. But if you wanted to, you can.

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How to create responses

  1. So you picked up a life with a less appropriate in a sense, for your website content.
  2. Go into the field with the addition of comments on the page, for example, http://www.qmss.columbia.edu/programming-resources/
  3. There you can see the “My response is on my own website” ( My answer to my own website”), click on it (see figure below) My response is on my own websiteResponse website method backlink
  4. This trick will redirect you to the reply page, where you must fill in the necessary data to get a link back to your site. Link external responselink-an-external-response

Fill these columns and wait for approval, the reference will be subject to approval by an editor before appearing. Your reference will not appear until the administrator has duly checked it. Some website have auto approval system, so keep searching for new website.

What to remember when getting backlinks

  • The first thing to remember when you are going to take getting backlinks is the quality issues “donors.” Ten links from quality resources are much more efficiently than bad 100 backlinks. So check Metrics sites “donors” in all aspects before placing them back links.
  • If your website is very “dangerous,” it is better not to use the above method on it, because he is still free, and use more advanced methods of link building like ” Eternal links ” or your crowd marketing.
  • If your site is still “young,” and if the subject matter is similar, then to improve the ranking of this method would be useful.
  • A large number of backlinks irritates the Google ;)!