Service Status Offline / Unknown / Down

There are multiple reasons for your service being inaccessible. Please review these common reasons before opening a ticket.

Server Status Unknown: If your service is offline after being functional and this status is showing then chances are there is a server outage. Our system automatically notifies us, so in most cases, creating a ticket is not necessary. 
Server Status Offline: If your service is not booting and is only showing the offline status then please create a ticket for assistance and our technical team will take a look.
Server Status Online but not working: This usually means there's another problem with your service; please create a ticket for assistance.

If your service is offline due to another reason, and there is no information posted on our network status page, please feel free to create a ticket. Please include as much information as possible.

If you find that the service goes back online shortly after going down, chances are there was a server outage. In this case, please do close the ticket if you no longer require assistance.

Downtimes are handled smoothly if we do not receive a ticket reporting the downtime - we will try to respond to all tickets, but your ticket may be closed without a response if we receive a large quantity of tickets in regards to the downtime. Please create a ticket in the billing department to receive credits for any downtime.

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