Opening bot issue?

Our current operating system for our botting plans (to be updated soon) has Java 6 and 8. Java 6 is set as the default for the system, and Java 8 is set as the default for double-clicking and opening a JAR file.

Some quick tips:

If you use RSBot, it will launch with Java 8 but properly work with RS3
If you use TRiBot, you may have to scroll down and pick the correct Java file directory, not the .jinfo
If you're using OSBot, it looks like it only works with Java 7 now
If your bot is outdated, just download it like you would regularly on your computer. Your VPS has a browser.

How to install Java 7:

Go to your Desktop, and open the program called xterm
Type sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer
Finish the install, then type update-alternatives --config java and pick the number for Java 7

To launch any .jar file with your "default" Java, open terminal. Navigate to the Bots directory where you should have your .jar file.
You can do this by typing cd /root/Desktop/Bots
Then type java -jar jarname.jar

In the above example, jarname would be the jar file's name. Hope this helps until we update the OS!

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