Why am I lagging?

There are three main reasons for lag:

You are located far from the VPS
Your lag may be input lag, such as in cases of viewing your desktop
Your server may be facing issues

Let's go over the two most common reasons for lag.

You are located far from the VPS:
The farther you are from the server location you selected, the more lag you will experience. For example, if your server is in Los Angeles, and you live in Europe, then that is a far distance. We recommend selecting the location closest to you to reduce your ping. Unfortunately, this issue cannot be fixed - you just need to get a server that is closer to you.

Your lag may be input lag:
This is most apparent on our Linux packages, since they do not come with 3D acceleration. If you are viewing a video or moving graphics, your VPS will not be able to render this to you as smoothly as if it were running on your computer. This does not necessarily mean that your VPS is lagging. In some different cases, your internet download speed may also affect this, since you are basically "streaming" your desktop.

If you believe your issue is beyond these two issues, and there is an actual problem, please don't hesitate to create a ticket with as much details as possible.

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